About us

Welcome to Art Ethical! We are a sustainable clothing brand based in Hertfordshire, UK. We are a small and independent business. All our products are designed for timeless quality and are mainly made of organic materials that can be used and loved for a long time.

Inspired by outdoor life, exploration, and adventure, each design is hand-drawn, illustrated, digitized, and embroidered in-house.

In a world, with mass production, we hold fast to our mission to avoid wastage and excess, this means that we only stock small quantities of each garment to reduce dead stock.

We are transparent about our environmental impact, which means there is NO plastic in our packaging. All our sustainable packaging is made from kraft paper and is completely biodegradable. Our garments are part of the Fair Wear Foundation to provide better rights for garment workers around the world.


Click here to read more about our sustainability objectives and how we contribute to the changes fashion needs through well-made, ethical, and sustainable designs and products